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Spectrum Regulation

We as LS of South Africa can deliver Automated Spectrum Management Systems as well as Spectrum Monitoring Systems. The Spectrum Management System can perform all the tasks required during spectrum licensing and the associated functions required for the successful licensing process as a whole - e.g.

  • Spectrum management software
  • Comprehensive database of licensees, addresses, frequencies, technical transmission parameters, type approved equipment, integrated frequency plans, etc.
  • Technical tools for coverage and interference calculations

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Software can be adapted to comply to workflow processes of the client although we recommend to keep the software as standard as possible. Maintenance contracts simplify the management of the automated spectrum management system due to 3rd party licenses that will be required to keep the system operational after the warranty period.

Spectrum Monitoring systems can be tailormade for the spectrum regulatory sector. The constant changing spectrum usage and demand for higher frequency bands with larger channel bandwidths, demands more monitoring stations which are located closer together or which are transportable and mobile based for the deployment. LS of South Africa can supply a solution which are designed for the specific requirement which include drone based monitoring.

We can also offer spectrum management and monitoring as a service where required.

Our consultancy services for spectrum regulation can also include the following:

Development or National Radio Frequency Plan’s(NRFP’s) based on the outcome of latest World Radio Conference

Web based NRFP’s with search and sort functionality

International Mobile Telecommunications Roadmap(IMT Roadmap)

Frequency Migration Plans

Spectrum Outlook and Forecast

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