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Airports, Ports and Transportation hubs

The ever-growing need for wireless communication on both the land- and airside of airports has created the need at airports & ports to deploy the correct communication systems / technology to address this need as well as effectively manage these systems as well as the need for spectrum management to ensure seamless co-existence of the different systems.

These range from data networks, IOT and high-capacity data networks as well as safety and mission critical voice communication systems (TETRA, DMR, NXDN etc.) and ATC. Due to the critical nature of these networks the need for constantly monitoring these services for operation is crucial.

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LS of South Africa therefore are your ideal partner in providing solutions for these needs.

We offer the following products and services to suit your needs:

Radio Spectrum Monitoring

To proactively monitor and identify any interference immediately

Telemetry (Signal and Alarm monitoring)

To receive an indication of any issues on the network and other systems (backup power etc) keeping the network running

Spectrum management

To ensure an interference free co-existence of the different services and to ensure regulatory compliance

Complete network cycle

From conceptualisation, through design and implementation to optimisation, verification and commissioning of the different technologies.

LS of South Africa’s Airborne services can assist to mitigate Interference on-site. By using our Remotely Piloted Aircraft system, Interference can be traced and detected.