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Web-based, workflow-driven, automated spectrum management


A revolutionary end-to-end spectrum planning, licensing, and management system designed to redefine efficiency in the digital era.

At the core of mySPECTRA's prowess is its professional workflow engine, addressing the myriad challenges associated with spectrum management. From the initial stages of application receipt to the intricate processes of frequency assignment, international coordination, and license issuance, mySPECTRA guides users seamlessly through the entire spectrum licensing lifecycle. Ensuring a comprehensive approach, it even oversees payment verification, leaving no room for oversight.

The heart of mySPECTRA lies in the web-based module, mySPECTRAoffice, intricately linked to a central database housing all necessary data for spectrum management tasks. Empowering spectrum managers with flexibility, the platform allows them to work on license requests from any location, using any operating system, through a standard web browser.

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