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Smart Healthcare

LS of South Africa can perform various studies for license applications in the Industrial Scientific & Medical (ISM) frequency bands. These devices deployed in these bands are normally low power with a small coverage area. These devices can be susceptible to interference from other devices which do not operate within the specification. We can perform EMC and EMI tests on such Smart Healthcare devices in our anechoic chamber (laboratory) to try and simulate any malfunctioning of such a device. We can also determine the robustness of such devices against interference. In addition we can also use our planning software packages to simulate interference and coverage areas for any of the devices.

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The 5G technology is becoming a big role player in Smart Healthcare and the low latency and large bandwidth will allow for different applications where real time video and low latency is required. We are able to work together with equipment suppliers to design and implement such networks where required. We can also assist the industry to motivate for applicable spectrum allocations for such services in-country.