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Smart Solutions in RF Broadcast Technology & Telemetry

Equipment and Services in Radio Frequency Broadcast Chain

LS of South Africa has a long history in the provision of signal distribution solutions for the broadcast market. The services are not limited to signal distribution and include tasks associated with the regulatory environment.

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The Turnkey solution portfolio can include the following:

Radio products

  • FM and DAB transmission equipment
  • DAB Headend
  • Studio to Transmitter linking
  • Satellite distribution
  • Audio processing
  • RDS Encoding
  • Audio distribution amplifiers
  • Monitoring equipment

Television products

  • ATV and DTT transmission equipment
  • DTT headend
  • Satellite distribution
  • Monitoring equipment

Antenna systems

  • RF combiners
  • RF cabling
  • Dehydrators
  • Antennae

Telemetry Remote monitoring and control of

  • Transmission equipment
  • N+1 systems
  • On site equipment e.g. standby generator, mains monitoring, UPS, AVR.
  • Security
  • Room temperature


  • System integration
  • Installations and commissioning
  • Transmission site auditing
  • Maintenance

Design of Telemetry Solutions with Network Operations Centre

A telemetry system is a versatile monitoring and remote-control system available to an operator. The telemetry unit on site can aggregate information from equipment located on site for live monitoring of the operation of equipment at a remote location.

Dependant on the required equipment configuration, the unit may be able monitor and control equipment via SNMP, GPIO and RS485.

Telemetry systems generally allow for monitoring of site security equipment, like door switches, PIR units, smoke detectors, temperature gauges, etc.

Remote control and automatic remote control of equipment can be achieved through a simple configuration process, making use of virtual logic gates, virtual relays and relays.

An example would be to control a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to control ambient room temperature.

It is also possible to automatically switch to redundant equipment when main equipment fails. N+1 transmitter equipment on a broadcast site for instance – loading the correct parameters into the redundant transmitter and switching the transmitter to the antenna system.

If multiple sites are to be monitored, it is possible to integrate multiple units with a NMS at a network operation centre.

This application can be modified to comply to monitoring and telemetry requirements of any other system including mobile telecommunication systems.