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Defence and Security

LS of South Africa with the assistance from LS telcom provide the ability to offer highly sophisticated solutions for the defence and security environment. LS is a technology company which offer spectrum management, communication technology, monitoring technology and drone based solutions for the last 30+ years worldwide.

There are many areas in which we can support the defence and security with existing products which have been tested and implemented in many countries. Our systems are designed, integrated, tested and deployed on all continents around the world.

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The main areas that are of interest to the defence and security industry include the following:

Spectrum management and planning solutions for day to day and tactical


24/7 Monitoring solutions for frequency bands of interest for the client from 10kHz to 110 GHz

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems to full-fill surveillance requirements for radio frequencies, video, lidar, infrared, chemical and other

Please contact us for more detail discussions regarding your requirement