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Spectrum Management Consulting Services

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services has the capability to provide spectrum management consulting services complementary to the provision of Automated Spectrum solutions. Such services can include the following and more:

  • Spectrum Management database sanitation and updates
  • Spectrum Management database audits
  • Development of National Radio Frequency Plans (NRFP) based on the latest World  Radio Conference Final Acts.
  • Implementation of such a NRFP onto the regulatory website, complete with search and sorting functionality and with selective printing of extracts of the NRFP.
  • Development of International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) roadmaps.
  • Development of Migration Plans for frequency bands that need to be migrated due to re-allocations of such a frequency band.
  • Perform benchmark studies related to the Spectrum Management function of the regulator.
  • Perform spectrum outlook and forecast studies for the short and medium term.
  • Development of Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plans (RFSAP).
  • Spectrum Management training services.

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