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Turnkey Solutions for Equipment Integration & Commissioning

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services has a wealth of experience and offers products, services and skills for turnkey solutions for the broadcasting industry.

Project Management for each shelter project is handled by a dedicated project manager who will also act as the single point of contact to the client.

A kick-off meeting and one or more design review meetings will be held to finalise the scope and schedule of the project, thereafter weekly progress reports will be provided to the client.

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Phone: +27 (0)11 958 5153
E-mail: Info(at)

High-end materials and components are used for all installation work to ensure fault-free operation of all components of our container housings and solutions.

Quality Control is done throughout the construction and installation process and great care is taken to ensure that all work and fabrication is done is to the highest standards.

All shelters are factory-tested and pre-commissioned and a certificate of conformance is issued for all electrical circuits, we welcome clients to perform their own quality control and commissioning throughout the project.

We do RF coverage planning on new/Greenfield sites and with our combined planning and drone-mapping solutions we can find the best suited site.

We can equip the shelters with either customer supplied equipment (free issue), or we can identify, source and supply broadcasting equipment, offer containerised solutions should buildings not be available or not desired, power supply or renewable energy solutions, guyed masts or self-supporting towers and the installation thereof, antenna systems etc. for the site(s).