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The Military’s Automated Spectrum Management and Electronic Warfare System

mySPECTRA for Defense

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services has the capability to provide solutions in the defence environment for spectrum management as well as monitoring solutions. These solutions include automated spectrum management solutions in the form of a software package that can be used to perform the following spectrum management functions:

  • Issuing of spectrum usage licenses for the different defence sub-divisions
  • Database of users, equipment, frequency information, power, antenna pattern etc.
  • Perform coverage studies for frequency deployments
  • Perform automated frequency assignments for all operations
  • Other frequency tasks to ensure spectrum efficiency and effectiveness

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We also have the capability to provide spectrum monitoring solutions to ensure that frequency bands are not occupied by other users within the South African territory that can cause interference to the defence communication networks. Automatic violation detection can also be implemented to receive automated warnings of possible violations related to frequency usage of defence spectrum assignments.

LS of South Africa also have the capability to provide special investigations into communication systems and the optimisation there-off.  This can include optimisation of ship to shaw communication or fixed to mobile or mobile to mobile communication and the optimisation of antenna systems to improve communication. We have drone solutions to optimise and perform investigations in the frequency band from 30 MHz to 70 GHz.