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Smart Solutions for Interference Hunting

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services has the capability to perform interference hunting exercises using portable, mobile as well as drone-based interference investigations. It can also include direction finding using the same platforms. The interference hunting can be applied to different technologies and will include self-interference within the transmission network as well as external interference from other transmissions into the transmission network under investigation. Our interference analysis studies will use time stamping and geo-tagging to determine the time and location of the source of interference and sporadic interference.

During such interference investigations we will consider the following potential causes:

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Out of band as well as in-band radiation such as harmonics and intermodulation products

Interference related to frequency band sharing

Poor frequency assignments and poor frequency planning

Illegal transmissions

Faulty equipment

Interference from neighbouring countries

Equipment overloading

Interference can be identified with the various measurement platforms. Our drone-based interference measurements will allow measurements out of clutter obstacles to ensure line-of-sight or close to line-of-sight measurements. Interference can be simulated with our planning software on an area basis to determine the extent of such interference. Faulty equipment can be measured in our anechoic chamber to determine the frequency and level of the interference source. Interference which is caused by poor frequency assignments and poor frequency planning will be resolved with new frequency plan solutions. In the case of South Africa we will liaise with the local regulator ICASA to resolve such interference where necessary.