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Public Safety

Public safety require networks which are reliable, available and robust.

Wireless technologies play a crucial role in the industry environment, with more and more aspects of the operations becoming totally reliant on wireless technologies. This ranges from narrowband data transmissions to high-capacity systems with more and more focus on the low latency capabilities of these networks, high capacity together with the highest of reliability figures.

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The need for these technologies to exist in the industries, brings the complexity of these communications system operating in the same dense area. Thus, the need for co-existence of these networks is unavoidable and it creates the need for it to be managed in a way that they do not cause co-existence problems as well as on the other side that the spectrum available in the operational area are not fully or optimally utilised.

More lately there are also a demand for high capacity for video communication and the need for low latency in order to provide remote real time assistance also bring a new dimension to the network requirement. To achieve the above it is of utmost importance that the network design and planning should achieve the expected requirements.

That being said, even if the networks are perfectly coordinated and optimised the systems can still be affected by poor designs which do not ensure redundancy and high percentage availability which can lead to poor network communication.

That is where LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services comes in. We can offer the following to prevent and find solutions to existing problems.

We offer the following solutions and services to address your needs:

Regulatory management of your frequency licenses

Regulatory compliance with your high site structures

Complete Spectrum Management of your RF environment

Highly detailed RF Coverage studies and interference analyses

Interference hunting & analysis

Selection of interference free microwave frequencies using the LS drone based interference free channel selection methods

RF Spectrum Monitoring solutions to identify any unknown or interfering signal

Signal verification and coverage confirmation measurements

Network performance analysis and verification and troubleshooting

Antenna pattern radiation verification (RPA / Drones)

Aerial survey / mapping to perform highly accurate RF studies

RF planning tools (CHIRplus_TC)

Network design (pre-feasibility & feasibility)

Network implementation

LS of South Africa’s Airborne services can assist in public safety with the use of our Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems to ensure that the network is operating as expected. Should any Interference or degradation of the system occur, a full analysis can be done with either visual or a radio frequency measurement survey.