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Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chamber Measurements

In a world of ever improving communication technologies, spectrum regulators around the globe play a key role in aiding the early adoption of such advancements. This they do, by licensing and approving new electronic devices that utilize the radio spectrum in their operation. However, to ensure that such products do not cause harm to the public or harmful interference to other licensed spectrum users, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Emissions (EMC/EMI) tests are required to be passed by importers and suppliers.

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Service’s full anechoic chamber provides you the ideal environment for type approval and compatibility tests required by the national spectrum regulator such as ICASA. Our Pre-compliance EMC/EMI testing can provide you with the confidence of passing official certification.

Services provided:

  • Antenna radiation pattern measurements and gain analysis
  • EMC radiated and immunity measurements
  • System gain calibration
  • 3D antenna patterns in electronic formats for use in RF planning tools
  • Fast turnaround times for technical reports


Technical features of our full anechoic chamber:

  • EMC approved antennas
  • Conductive carbon coated pyramidal cones covering up to 18GHz 
  • 3m antenna separation distance 
  • 1.2m test volume (44m3) 
  • Up to 100dB attenuation of external RF sources
  • Achieve noise floor levels lower than –128dBm

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