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1. Agencies   Hytera for the supply of TETRA outdoor and indoor base stations We can offer both base stations and handsets for TETRA and DMR technologies at very competitive pricing. We can assist with Coverage pl  
2. National Radio Frequency Plan of South Africa 2021 Digitization   The National Radio Frequency Plan 2021 was digitized into a searchable webpage for the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa.  
3. Request a Demo   Are you interested in a product or service? Request an Online Demo! Please complete the demo request form below and we will schedule an online demo for your selected products/services as soon as po  
4. National Radio Frequency Plan 2021   Update the National Radio Frequency Plan to reflect the Final Acts of WRC-19.  
5. Additional RPAS Services   AIRBORNE MAPPING AND SURVEYING Flight data acquisition for aerial mapping and surveying is done through the recording of high resolution geotagged images for photogrammetric modelling. MOBILE SI  
6. LS OBSERVER Airborne Monitoring Unit (AMU)   LS OBSERVER The LS OBSERVER which full-fill the role as a monitoring unit in a larger monitoring system can also be deployed as a standalone unit for various applications. It can typically be used fo  
7. Airborne Measurements   Airborne Measurements Our Airborne Measurement Solutions With our unique drone solutions, no antenna is too high or complex to be measured Your LS of SA Contact Phone: +27 (0)11 958 5153 E-mail:  
8. Radiation Safety Contour Visualisation   Ready to dive deeper into our product & service portfolio? Request Online DemoRequest an Online Demo and we will contact you to schedule a remote presentation NB Important: Please note that the  
9. Ranplan Professional   Get to know Indoor Network Planning with Ranplan Professional in detail Design, optimize and automate in-building and urban outdoor wireless networks, either in isolation or in coordination. ---  
10. CHIRplus_NGN   Web-based planning and optimization of mobile networks with Welcome to the forefront of web-based mobile broadband network planning – introducing CHIRplus_NGN, a highly modern and flexible software s  
Search results 1 until 10 of 82