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Smart Solutions in Critical Communication & Private Networks

Your private network is critical to us

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services are the experts in conceptualising, designing, planning, implementing and commissioning critical communications and private radio networks.

In mission and/or safety critical operations (such as mining, refineries - oil & gas) critical communication and private networks form the heart and soul of any such operation. These networks rely on high availability (redundancy), robust, cost efficient and fit-for-purpose radio networks for both indoor and outdoor environments. LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services has agencies & partners for most technologies and can therefore offer a complete ideal turnkey solution for your requirement and environment.

We design, optimise, upgrade and improve any existing networks of any technology, including but not limited to TETRA, NXDN, DMR, LTE and conventional networks. We offer all additional services pertaining to the network as well, such as backbone solutions (PtP & fibre or networking), backup power solutions, telemetry (Signal & Alarms), NOC facilities, custom housing solutions for the equipment, fire detection & suppression solutions, HVAC solutions as well as structural (tower/mast) solutions.

We pride ourselves in being the best in each step of the complete network implementation process, with the emphasis on conceptualisation, detailed design, and planning phases of any project. This forms the core of any successful project implementation.

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services has the capability to perform full turnkey critical communication projects for various clients including mining. The full project will typically include the following:

  • Technology pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Site surveys
  • Development of frequency plans
  • Network coverage and capacity studies
  • Tender document preparation
  • System design for TETRA, DMR, LTE
  • Design & Installation drawings for different installation phases as well as the as-build drawings
  • Equipment purchasing and supply
  • Installation of all communication equipment including infrastructure equipment
  • Site Acceptance testing
  • System set-up and commissioning including antenna measurements
  • Interference studies